The ALWI staff and personnel have dedicated their lives to serving humanity in the capacity of health and ministry. We understand that greater than 90% of diseases are preventable and/or reversible when we follow a basic and natural health plan. Our staff cares for each and every guest, teaching them how they too can follow a natural plan to maintain a healthy life without dependence on pharmaceutical drugs. Our 10-day live-in programs address diseases such as diabetes, obesity, arthritis and allergies. Our goal is not only to improve your health, but to provide health lectures and hands-on learning over a wide range of health topics. Our intention here is to provide a sustainable and self-determined health program.

Our program focuses on the following:
• Diabetes
• Obesity
• Heart Disease
• High Blood Pressure
• Allergies
• Arthritis
• Tobacco Cessation
• Elevated Cholesterol
• Weight Loss
• Stress Management

Each guest will receive a personalized consultation with our Board-Certified Internal Medicine physician, which includes extensive health history intake, complete physical exam, blood work and counseling at the beginning and end of their session. The physician and lifestyle counselors will then design a unique program to meet your specific needs.

Treatment Remedies included are:
• Massage
• Hydrotherapy
• Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation
• Herbal Remedies
• Science-Based Health Lectures
• Instruction in Lifestyle Change
• Resistance and Cardiovascular Exercises
• Fasting/Juicing
• Personal Life Style Counselor
• Faith-Promoting Talks
• Cooking Classes
• Personalized Exercise Programs


525 Abundant Life Way
Sawyerville, Al 36776