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Barbara R. Barnes

My health was steadily declining following an almost fatal attack of Influenza outbreak. I was comatose for over 2 weeks, hospitalized for 52 days with many complications including renal failure, Oxygen dependency and GI bleeding. I had to learn to walk all over again! I came to the lifestyle center for 10 days. During that time, my hypertension was controlled, I was no longer in kidney failure, my breathing improved and I began walking > 40 minutes without my Oxygen tank and walker! I am truly blessed. I continue on maintenance doses of DP3 and a healthy lifestyle! I am forever grateful! Oh, on another note I am a retired nurse with over 43 years in the medical field! This really works!

Interested in our Medical Evangelism School?

I LOVED working at the wellness center! I will never forget the feeling of witnessing my guests’ smiles as they told me the medications they recently eliminated, or their interest in the Bible Study we recently covered...

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